How to find the best student competition?

Oct 5, 2023 |By Tomas Jindra

So here you go. Looking for student competitions to conquer. You've landed in the absolute perfect spot. Abilito, a bustling hub of opportunities, provides the most extensive collection of student challenges on the globe. With over 300 challenges spanning across diverse realms like business, finance, IT, marketing, and beyond, your possibilities are boundless here. So here it comes, the ultimate 6-step guide on how to choose the best competition right for you.

Know Your Niche

Ah, the starting block!

In a world where case competitions are as diverse as a coral reef, pinpointing your area of interest is pivotal. It’s all about identifying that special niche where your passion and skills collide into a beautiful explosion of potential.

Whether you're into crunching numbers, strategizing marketing plans, or conjuring innovative tech solutions, there’s a spot in the competitive arena with your name on it.

Don't just jump into any competition (or I mean, you can…); but rather seek out those that resonate with your interests and educational background. You will just gain more. 

Set Your Goal

Why are you here? What's the draw?

Is it the sweet scent of victory, the bag full of cash prize, a line of achievement for your resume, or the rich networking opportunities permeating through the competitive air?

Define what you wish to extract from this endeavor. Your goals will shape your journey, influencing the competitions you choose and the strategies you employ. 

A clear, well-articulated goal is not just a beacon that guides your path but also a motivator that keeps your spirits elevated when the competitive journey gets a tad turbulent.

Decide on the Level of Commitment

Now, let’s talk reality.

Case competitions can be all-consuming, demanding not just your intellectual energy but also a hefty chunk of your time.

Some competitions, especially international ones, can stretch over several weeks (wild, right?), demanding your undivided attention and dedication.

So, scrutinize your schedule, evaluate your academic workload, and be brutally honest about the time you can commit. 

Your chosen competition should be a thrilling adventure, not a burdensome chore added to your student life.

Do Your Research

Investigation time!

Sure, a competition might look dazzling at first glance with its shiny website and a roster of impressive sponsors.

But dive deeper. Ensure that it's not just reputable but also aligns with your goals and interests. 

That’s exactly where Abilito comes in handy.

Thanks to our vast competition database and smart filtering options you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. 

So first, select your level of studies - that usually affects the difficulty of the competition. Also, you either are or aren’t eligible to join. 

Then, back to your goals! Do you want to pocket a pile of cash? Or you rather seek personal growth thanks to a mentorship program? Is internship the thing that drives your efforts? If you are not sure, tick more! Thanks completely fine. 

Are you a team player or you rather work solo? Tick your preference and let's go for the good part!

What are you good at? Categories help you to select the area of interest, no matter if you are a business or art person. We have both. If you choose more, the palette of competitions will be longer. 

Location Eligibility is nothing more than selecting a region from where you can join the challenge.

The rest of the filters are honestly not that important, but this one is worth the clicks. If you select global, you are sure you can join anything from the list no matter where are you from.

Choosing Europe will show you challenges where only Europeans can participate. Long story short, this helps you to make sure you don’t waste time dreaming about challenges you cannot participate in. 

And lastly, organizers. Are you looking for a specific challenge and cannot remember the name? Or you really want the Harvard logo to shine on your CV?

That’s what’s the filter exactly for! If you are looking for a specific challenge sponsor and/ or organizer, we have you also covered here. 

Find the Team

So you are a team player! (if not you can just skip this section)

In that case, comrades unite!

But not all, let’s be a bit exclusive. 

Seek individuals who are not just skilled but also gel well with your working style. Ideally, they also have a slightly different skillset from your own

It’s crucial that each member brings something unique to the table – be it an analytical mind, a creative spark, or organizational wizardry.

Ensure your team is a beautiful mosaic of varied skills, ensuring a well-rounded approach to tackling the case in hand.

From my own experience, I would approach the team hiring the same as looking for a business partner. In the end, you never know what comes next after the case...

Sign Up!

The plunge!

With your niche identified, goals set, commitment level checked, research conducted, and your dream team assembled, it’s time to hit that sign-up button.

Envelop yourself in the exhilarating, occasionally nerve-wracking, but always enlightening world of case competitions.

Remember: irrespective of the outcome, the journey will be packed with invaluable experiences that will etch profound imprints on your professional persona.

And for God’s Sake, sign up on time

One last piece of advice? 

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