3MPlast Outdoor Modular Sofa




A Bohemian Touch to Your Outdoor Space

Imagine lounging on a chic, modular outdoor sofa, sipping your favorite drink, and soaking up the sun. Now, what if I told you that this sofa is not just stylish but also sustainable? Enter the 3MPlast Outdoor Modular Sofa Design Contest, where creativity meets eco-friendliness.

Brief About the Competition

3MPlast, in collaboration with Desall, is on the hunt for innovative minds to design a versatile modular outdoor sofa. But this isn't just any sofa. It's made of polymeric materials, customizable to individual preferences, and, most importantly, eco-friendly.

Key Information

  • Organizers: 3MPlast and Desall
  • Prize: A whopping €2000! And if your design doesn't win but still catches the eye, you might pocket an extra €1200. Not too shabby for a day's work, right?
  • Eligibility: If you're 18 or older and have a flair for design, you're in!
  • Deadline: Mark your calendars for 14 September 2023, 23:59 UTC. Don't let this opportunity slip away!

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The goal is simple yet ambitious: design a modular plastic sofa for outdoor use. This sofa should be a blend of aesthetics and functionality, allowing various configurations. From a single-seater to a multi-seater, from an armchair to an L-shaped sofa, the possibilities are endless. And the cherry on top? It should embody a bohemian and eclectic style while maintaining a modern, elegant look.

Prizes and Recognition

The winning design will bag €2000. But here's the kicker: even if you don't win, you might still earn €1200 if your design is chosen for economic exploitation. And let's be real, in the world of design contests, that's a pretty sweet deal.

How Does the Challenge Work?

The timeline is tight, so you better get those creative juices flowing:

  • Upload Phase: From 09 May 2023 to 14 September 2023
  • Concept Review: 13 June 2023 (optional, but who doesn't love feedback?)
  • Client Vote: Starts 14 September 2023
  • Winner Announcement: By the end of November 2023 (fingers crossed!)

Who Can Participate?

Anyone aged 18 or older with a knack for design. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newbie, this contest is your chance to shine.

Introduction of the Organizing Company

3MPlast isn't just another manufacturing company. They're innovators, changemakers, and sustainability champions. From premium pallets and storage boxes to chic home and outdoor furniture, 3MPlast is redefining what's possible in manufacturing. Their commitment to sustainability is commendable, with a focus on using recycled materials and aiming for a zero-waste facility. Partnering with Desall, an international community for creative talents, this contest promises to be a game-changer.

Wrapping Up

So, if you've got what it takes to revolutionize the world of outdoor furniture, this is your chance. Dive deep into your creative reservoirs, and who knows, your design might just be the next big thing in sustainable outdoor furniture!

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