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Article: Ideathon 2023 - Where Ideas Meet Retail Brilliance

In the bustling world of retail, where trends shift faster than a TikTok video goes viral, there's a competition that stands out, not just for its innovative approach but for the sheer brilliance it brings to the table. Enter the Ideathon 2023.

Brief About the Competition:

The Baker Retailing Center's Ideathon is not your typical hackathon. It's an experiential, 24-hour whirlwind where students dive deep into brand challenges presented by none other than Five Below, the high-growth value retailer loved by tweens, teens, and well, anyone who loves a good deal.

Key Information:

  • When? Kick-off is on Friday, September 22, 2023, at 12:30 PM EDT, wrapping up the next day.
  • Where? Five Below Headquarters, Wowtown, 701 Market Street, Philadelphia.
  • Who's Behind It? The masterminds at the Baker Retailing Center.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic:

Participants will work in teams, brainstorming and strategizing on brand challenges presented by Five Below executives. The goal? To come up with innovative solutions and craft a compelling presentation, all within 24 hours.

Prizes and Recognition:

While the exact cash prize amount remains shrouded in mystery, it's touted to be "large." And let's be real, in the world of student competitions, who doesn't like the sound of "large cash prizes"? But beyond the monetary allure, it's the recognition, the chance to present in front of Five Below's top brass, and the invaluable experience that makes this competition a golden ticket for aspiring retail moguls.

How Does the Challenge Work?

After the brand challenges are presented, teams will have 24 hours to brainstorm, strategize, and prepare their presentations. These will then be showcased to Five Below executives and faculty judges. It's a blend of adrenaline, creativity, and retail strategy.

Who Can Participate?

The event is tailored for students, making it a perfect platform for young minds to showcase their retail prowess and innovative solutions.

Introduction of the Organizing Company:

The Baker Retailing Center, housed at the prestigious Wharton School, is at the forefront of retail knowledge and research. With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to fostering the next generation of retail leaders, the center is a beacon for those passionate about the industry.

Final Thoughts:

The Ideathon 2023 is more than just a competition; it's a journey into the heart of retail, a chance to rub shoulders with industry leaders, and an opportunity to make a mark in the dynamic world of branding and marketing. So, if retail is your jam and you've got ideas worth sharing, this is your stage. Rock it!

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