ISEA Student Project Competition

Sports Engineering, Sports Technology

International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA)


Key Information

  • What's the Deal?: Students are encouraged to submit an infographic that outlines their project work. Think of it as a visual elevator pitch!
  • Who's Invited?: Any student from any higher education institution worldwide. Recently graduated? No worries, you can still jump in as long as your project was done during your study time.
  • Team or Solo?: Whether you're a lone wolf or thrive in a pack, both individual and group submissions are welcome.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The aim? To convey complex sports engineering information in a manner that's easily digestible. Your infographic should be a blend of suitable graphics, data, and text, ensuring it's both informative and engaging.

Prizes and Recognition

  • 1st Place: A cool £200 and an ISEA student membership for a year.
  • 2nd Place: £100 and, you guessed it, an ISEA student membership for a year.
  • 3rd Place: £50 and the coveted ISEA student membership for a year.

How Does the Challenge Work?

Submissions are judged by the ISEA's executive committee, focusing on academic rigor, originality, presentation quality, and knowledge transfer potential.

Who's Behind This?

The International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA) is the mastermind behind this competition, aiming to bridge the gap between sports and engineering, fostering innovation and creativity among students.

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