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The Design Challenge: Where Innovation Meets Impact

In the bustling world of student competitions, there's one that stands out, not just for its innovative approach but for its commitment to real-world impact: the Design Challenge.

A Brief Overview

The Design Challenge isn't your run-of-the-mill competition. It's a platform that empowers students in grades 7-12 to take the reins of their education and apply human-centered design thinking to real-world problems. The goal? To craft innovative solutions that can make a tangible difference in their communities.

Key Information at a Glance

  • Organizer: BUILD
  • Eligibility: Students in grades 7-12
  • Prizes: Potential cash prizes and, of course, those invaluable bragging rights.

The Heart of the Challenge: Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design, also known as design thinking, is a problem-solving approach that places real people at the heart of the design process. The Design Challenge guides students through five phases of this process:

  1. Empathize: Understand your client's world.
  2. Define: Pinpoint their needs and challenges.
  3. Ideate: Dream up potential solutions.
  4. Prototype: Create a tangible representation of your idea.
  5. Test: Get feedback and refine.

Why Participate? The Prizes and Recognition

While the exact prizes aren't spelled out in neon lights, the competition promises potential cash prizes. But let's be real, the real prize here is the experience, the skills gained, and the chance to make a real difference. And okay, the bragging rights are a pretty sweet deal too.

How It Works

Students embark on a design thinking journey, from walking in their client's shoes to presenting their innovative solutions for a shot at those cash prizes. The challenge is delivered digitally, making it accessible to students everywhere.

Who's Behind the Curtain? Introducing BUILD

BUILD isn't just about this challenge. They're an organization dedicated to empowering students nationwide, giving them a sense of self-agency, and equipping them with the tools to innovate and make a difference.

In conclusion, the Design Challenge is more than just a competition. It's an opportunity, a learning experience, and a call to action for students everywhere. So, to all the young innovators out there: this is your chance to shine, to make a difference, and to show the world what you're made of.

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