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The Cassini Hackathon: Space for International Development & Humanitarian Aid

In the vast expanse of space, there's more than just stars and planets. There's potential. Potential to harness the advanced technologies of the cosmos to address some of the most pressing challenges on Earth. Enter the Cassini Hackathon, a unique initiative that beckons problem solvers from across Europe to develop sustainable solutions that support international development and humanitarian activities.

A Deep Dive into the Cassini Universe

The Cassini Hackathon isn't just another tech event. It's a mission. A mission to tackle critical challenges faced by millions worldwide. Organized by the Taikai Network, this hackathon is all about leveraging EU space technologies like Copernicus, Galileo, and EGNOS to create innovative solutions that can make a real difference.

The Challenges that Await

Participants are invited to develop concepts and products that address three primary areas:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure Development: Building the foundations for a better tomorrow.
  • Strengthening Food Security: Ensuring everyone has access to nutritious food.
  • Clean Water Access: A basic human right that's still a luxury for many.
  • Understanding and Forecasting Forced Migration: Predicting and mitigating the challenges of forced migration.

The Rewards

Beyond the satisfaction of creating impactful solutions, participants have a shot at some stellar rewards. The top three teams at the European level will win the grand prize: a 6-month mentoring program that includes 100 hours of mentoring by top experts in the space industry. This program is designed to turn your hackathon project into a thriving business.

Who's Eligible?

Whether you're a student, entrepreneur, engineer, designer, or researcher, if you're over 18 and reside in an EU member state, Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland, you're eligible. Teams should comprise at least 3 members and can go up to a maximum of 8.

Key Dates to Remember

  • 9-19 October: Big Ideas Campaign
  • 26 October: Registration Deadline
  • 3-5 November: The Hackathon Weekend
  • 9 November: Demo Day Awards Ceremony

Judging Criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on their relevance to the hackathon's challenges, innovativeness, and the quality of the team.

In Conclusion

The Cassini Hackathon is more than just a competition. It's a movement. A movement to harness the power of space for the betterment of humanity. So, if you've got the passion, the skills, and the drive, this is your chance to shine. Join the Cassini Hackathon and be a part of something truly out of this world!

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