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One American bachelor degree holding student will be awarded with a full tuition fee waiver for a master’s program at Chalmers University of Technology, in the Technology Management and Economics department. The programs include: Entrepreneurship and Business, Design, Management and Economics of Innovation, Quality and Operations, Management, Supply Chain Management. To compete just register at the link below (you must be logged in), take three quizzes on Swedish Innovation, Chalmers University of Technology, Technology management, answer an essay question, share your entry, and apply for one of the master’s programs. You can win a full tuition fee waiver for the master’s program of your choice in Chalmers University of Technology’s department of Technology Management and Economics, an invitation to the prize ceremony in May, and a winner’s certificate. 

Other Criteria

Participants must be Americans with a bachelor's, or international students with a bachelor's from an American university.

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