CyientifiQ Innovation League Global Hackathon 2023

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Short Challenge Summary

Cyient, a global engineering and tech solutions company, invites you to crack the code in their CyientifiQ Innovation League. A challenge where your tech skills aren’t just tested, but where your innovative solutions could potentially echo across the industry.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

CyientifiQ Innovation League isn’t just a coding challenge. It’s a platform where your innovative tech solutions get a stage. The focus here isn’t merely on your ability to code but to innovate, to bring forth solutions that matter, and potentially, can make a significant impact in the tech world.

Prizes and Recognition

18,000 USD is really tempting. And it’s not just about the tangible rewards. It’s about getting your innovative solutions recognized by a global tech giant!

How Does the Challenge Work

The exact schedule and working of the challenge are yet to be unveiled. But given the reputation, expect a structured, well-organized challenge that will test your innovative tech solutions against the best in the business.

Who is Available to Participate

Details about eligibility are yet to be disclosed. But if you’ve got the tech skills and an innovative mindset, keep an eye out!

Short Introduction of the Organizing Company

Cyient isn’t just any tech company. They’re a global engineering and technology solutions giant, committed to designing tomorrow together with stakeholders and being a culturally inclusive, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable organization. Your innovative solutions won’t just get a platform; they’ll get a global stage.

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