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The Microprediction Daily Prize: A Deep Dive into Timeseries Prediction

In the bustling world of data science and analytics, Microprediction has carved a niche for itself with its Daily $125 Prize for Timeseries Prediction. For those with a keen eye for patterns and a knack for predicting the future (at least in terms of data), this is your playground.

Brief About the Competition

Every day, Microprediction awards $125 for aggregate prediction accuracy in a randomly chosen subcategory. But it's not just about predicting the weather or stock prices. This competition spans across various domains like equities, crypto, and even electricity.

Key Information

  • Prize: A cool $125 daily. That's a whopping $45,625 per year!
  • Duration: The competition started on Sep 22, 2021, and is set to end on Feb 1, 2024, or later.
  • Eligibility: While it's not explicitly mentioned, given the technical nature of the challenge, it's safe to assume that college students and professionals with a background in data science or analytics would be the primary participants.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The main aim? Timeseries prediction. Participants are required to make distributional predictions across various time series. Whether it's predicting stock prices (equities), the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies, or even electricity consumption patterns, the challenge tests the analytical prowess of its participants.

Prizes and Recognition

Apart from the daily cash prize, the real reward lies in the recognition. Being a top predictor on Microprediction is no small feat. And for those who consistently perform, the cumulative reward can be quite substantial.

How Does the Challenge Work?

Every day at midnight, standings are polled from one of several subcategories. Algorithms with a positive score and an assigned email have a shot at winning the prize. The catch? The prize is proportional to their score raised to an exponent. And if the chosen algorithm has no email assigned, the prize will jackpot. After midnight, points get multiplied by a discount factor.

Who is Available to Participate?

The competition is open to participants from countries where PayPal operates. This is crucial as the prize money is disbursed via PayPal.

Introduction of the Organizing Company

Microprediction, the brain behind this competition, is a platform renowned for its prediction challenges. With a focus on real-world data streams, Microprediction offers a plethora of competitions, catering to various domains. Their commitment to fostering a community of data enthusiasts is evident in their range of challenges and the resources they provide to help participants excel.

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