Hackathon for Heat


LG Electronics


A Challenge Like No Other

Hey there!

Ever dreamt of revolutionizing the world of HVAC systems? I mean, the first step is that you know what it means I guess.

Well, LG Electronics, a global titan in consumer electronics and home appliances, is throwing down the gauntlet. And guess what? They're inviting you to pick it up.

Short Challenge Summary

LG Electronics presents the "LG Hack for Heat" challenge. A unique opportunity for young minds to dive deep into the world of HVAC systems, energy solutions, and urbanization. And if you're wondering about the stakes, they're high! Winners get to jet off on a trip to Korea, flaunt a brand-new LG Gram computer, and groove to beats from an LG XBOOM Bluetooth speaker.

Key Information

  • Deadline: Hurry up! Applications close on 5th November 2023.
  • Team Dynamics: Gather your brainy buddies. Teams of 2-3 are welcome.
  • The Final Showdown: Paris. Yes, the city of love will host the final pitching day. So, brush up on your French, maybe?

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The future is urban. And with urbanization comes the challenge of efficient heating. This competition is all about innovative solutions for HVAC systems, energy conservation, and the use of heat pumps. So, if you've got a burning idea (pun intended), this is your stage.

Prizes and Recognition

While the LG prizes are unique and valuable, they might not match the high monetary value of some top student competitions. But hey, it's not just about the money. It's about the experience, the exposure, and the chance to make a real-world impact.

How Does the Challenge Work?

The challenge is structured in several phases:

  1. Application Phase (4 Sep - 5 Nov 2023): All groups are required to submit a 5-slide PowerPoint presentation about their mission.
  2. First Selection (6 - 15 Nov 2023): 20 projects will be selected.
  3. Next Step (16 Nov - 7 Dec 2023): Selected teams will create a video or a 15-slide PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Second Selection (8 - 14 Dec 2023): 6 projects will be chosen.
  5. Final Event (Week of 22 - 26 January): The results will be announced in Paris. The strongest teams will be invited to the final showdown in Paris where they will pitch their ideas in person to a jury of experts who will then select the winners of the Hack for Heat challenge.

Who Can Participate?

The LG Hack for Heat challenge is exclusively open to:


  • This includes any individual who:
  • Is at least eighteen (18) years old or possesses full legal capacity.
  • Is either currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution or graduated from such an institution less than 2 years prior to the current academic year. A valid student card will serve as proof.
  • Each eligible student can only throw their hat in the ring once for this challenge. If underaged, they must furnish authorization signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Note: Before any prizes are handed out, participants might need to present documents verifying their eligibility, such as an ID or student card.

However, the challenge is off-limits to:

  • Employees and representatives of both LG and Agorize.
  • Their immediate family members.

LG Electronics

...isn't just another company. They're a global powerhouse, leading the charge in consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile communications. With a presence in over 120 operations worldwide, they're shaping the future, one innovation at a time.

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