High School Ideathon


Effat University


High School Ideathon: Where Young Minds Shine

In the bustling city of Jeddah, where the desert meets the Red Sea, there's a university that's been stirring up quite the storm. No, they're not predicting the weather, but they're forecasting a bright future for young minds. Enter the High School Ideathon by Effat University.

Brief About the Competition

The High School Ideathon isn't your run-of-the-mill school project. It's a platform where creativity meets feasibility, where original ideas are not just welcomed but celebrated. Hosted by the renowned Effat University, this competition is all about bringing out the best in young minds, challenging them to think outside the box, and presenting ideas that are not just visually appealing but also relevant to the conference theme.

Key Information

  • Organizer: Effat University, a beacon of knowledge in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Eligibility: School students. Yes, you, the one doodling at the back of the class, and you, the one with the hand perpetually raised. This is for all of you.
  • Deadline: Mark your calendars for the 30th of November, 2023. And if you're the kind who waits till the last minute, the universe has set the clock to 23:59 CET for you.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The Ideathon is all about:

  • Creativity and Originality: No copycats allowed. This is the stage for fresh, never-before-seen ideas.
  • Relevance to the Conference Theme: It's not just about being creative; it's about aligning your creativity with the theme of the conference.
  • Visual Aesthetics: A picture speaks a thousand words, and in this competition, it might just be the winning edge.
  • Feasibility and Applicability of Ideas: It's great to have a groundbreaking idea, but can it be implemented? That's the question.

Prizes and Recognition

While the exact prizes weren't mentioned on the page, let's be real. The real prize here is the recognition, the chance to have your idea acknowledged by a leading university, and the potential opportunities that come with it. And who knows? Maybe there's a golden ticket hidden somewhere. (Note: The golden ticket part is just my imagination running wild, but hey, one can hope!)

How Does the Challenge Work?

Participants are required to submit posters that are A1 in size. Both physical and digital submissions are accepted. If you're going digital, ensure your poster is in high resolution (minimum 300 dpi). Along with the poster, a 300-word abstract explaining the ideas presented is a must.

Introduction of the Organizing Company

Effat University, located in the heart of Jeddah, is more than just an educational institution. It's a hub of innovation, a place where ideas are nurtured, and leaders are made. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Effat University stands tall as a beacon of knowledge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, the High School Ideathon is more than just a competition. It's a journey, an experience, and most importantly, an opportunity. So, to all the young minds out there, this is your call to action. Dive in, brainstorm, and let your ideas shine!

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