Illinois Digital Educators Alliance (IDEA)


IDEAcon: More Than Just a Conference

IDEAcon isn't your run-of-the-mill educational conference. It's an experience. Imagine a gathering where daily thought leaders in education, DEI, and accessibility come together. They represent the creme de la creme of innovative practices, not just locally, but from across the country.

The Customizable IDEAcon Experience

With hundreds of sessions, IDEAcon allows you to tailor your experience based on your comfort level and curiosity. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned educator, there's something for everyone. And when the day's sessions are over? Evening social events make you feel like you're part of the IDEA family. It's the kind of conference that leaves an imprint on your heart and mind.

Presenters: The Heartbeat of IDEAcon

Each year, over a hundred presenters grace IDEAcon with their presence. These aren't just any presenters. They're the best in their fields, bringing a diverse range of topics and teaching styles to the table. The 2024 conference call for proposals has closed, but the excitement is palpable. Accepted presenters will be in the spotlight come October.

Why Present at IDEAcon?

It's not just about sharing knowledge. It's about being recognized for the hard work and effort that goes into preparing a presentation. IDEA values its presenters, and the lead presenter for each session gets a conference registration. Co-presenters, however, need to handle their registration.

Exhibitors: The Unsung Heroes

IDEAcon understands the value of its exhibitors. From dedicated time slots for attendees to experience the exhibit hall to hands-on experiential stations, exhibitors are given the limelight they deserve. And if you're an exhibitor wondering where to set up? IDEAcon lets you pick your ideal booth location. It's all about customization and making sure attendees see the value you bring.

In Conclusion

IDEAcon is more than just a conference. It's a movement. A movement that brings together educators, thought leaders, and exhibitors under one roof. It's where innovation meets education, and where you, dear reader, can be a part of something bigger.

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