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SECME's Stellar Logo Design Competition: Where Space Meets Art

In the vast universe of student competitions, there's a new star shining bright: SECME's Logo Design Competition. Hosted by the prestigious University of Florida, this challenge beckons all budding designers to showcase their talent and creativity.

A Glimpse into the Galaxy of the Competition

SECME, in its quest to promote diversity in STEM education, has introduced a fresh competition for the academic year 2023-2024. This isn't your typical design contest. It's a journey through space, with the theme "Space is the Place." Participants are tasked with creating a logo that embodies this cosmic concept, blending artistry with the allure of the great beyond.

The Core Elements

  • Design Requirements: Originality is key. Each logo must be hand-drawn and accompanied by a cover page detailing essential information like student name, grade level, school district, and coordinator's contact details.
  • The Story Behind the Stars: Along with the logo, students need to pen a short description, answering pivotal questions. How does the design encapsulate the theme? What inspired the choice of colors or symbols? This narrative provides a window into the artist's universe, offering insights into their creative process.
  • Submission Guidelines: The final artwork should be presented on a paper no smaller than 8.5 by 11 inches. A PDF document, comprising the cover page, logo design, and written description, should be submitted. The file naming convention is crucial: secme-logo-{division}-{school name}.

Judging Criteria: The competition isn't just about drawing a pretty picture. The logo should resonate with the theme, be aesthetically appealing, and ooze originality. The written description, ranging from 250 to 500 words, will also be under the scanner, weighing in on the final score.

Is This Challenge Worth Your Time?

Absolutely! While the tangible rewards aren't spelled out, the recognition and experience are invaluable. It's a platform to flaunt your design skills, get noticed by a renowned institution, and add a sparkling achievement to your portfolio. Plus, who wouldn't want their logo to represent SECME?

The Organizers: University of Florida & SECME

The University of Florida, a leading name in education, has joined forces with SECME to champion diversity in STEM. SECME's initiatives, spanning over four decades, have empowered students, especially from underrepresented communities, to pursue careers in engineering and computer science. This competition is yet another feather in their cap, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

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