Management Undergraduate of the Year 2023

Business Management

Enterprise Rent-A-Car in partnership with Undergraduate of the Year Awards


Why This Isn't Just Another Award

In the vast sea of student competitions, the Management Undergraduate of the Year stands out like a beacon. It's not just about the title (though that's pretty snazzy). It's about the journey, the learning, and the doors it opens in the world of business.

The Lowdown

Organized by the iconic Enterprise Rent-A-Car in collaboration with the Undergraduate of the Year Awards, this competition seeks the crème de la crème of UK's management undergraduates. The goal? To find individuals with a flair for customer service, an unyielding work ethic, impeccable communication, and the potential to be future leaders.

The Heart of the Matter: What's the Competition All About?

It's all about management. But not the boring, textbook kind. It's about real-world scenarios, challenges, and solutions. Whether you're a first-year newbie or a third-year veteran, if you have an eye for management and a heart set on a future career in it, this is your stage.

What's in It for You? (Hint: It's More Than Just a Prize)

Sure, there's a tailored summer placement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The winner gets to design their internship, network with the who's who of the business world, and experience the various facets of the industry. And for those who make it to the finals? Paid work experience opportunities await.

The Road to Victory

The journey to becoming the Management Undergraduate of the Year is no cakewalk. It starts with an online registration, followed by a series of tests designed by SHL. Make it past that, and you're looking at a telephone interview and an assessment centre. The grand finale? An awards ceremony on 21st April 2023 where the winner will be crowned.

A Word on the Organizers

Enterprise Rent-A-Car isn't just about cars. They're about people, potential, and prowess. With a legacy spanning 13 years, their partnership with the Management Undergraduate of the Year Award is a testament to their commitment to nurturing young talent.

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