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The MetLife Challenge: Because Wellbeing Isn't Just a Buzzword

You've heard it all before. "Take care of your wellbeing." "Prioritize mental health." But what if there was a way to not just hear about it, but to actively contribute to the wellbeing of your community? Enter the MetLife Wellbeing Challenge.

A Brief Dive into the Challenge

The MetLife Foundation, in collaboration with NFTE Innovation, is on the hunt for innovative minds. Minds that can design solutions promoting high-quality access to both physical and mental wellbeing. And no, they're not just looking for another meditation app.

The Nitty-Gritty Details

While the exact prize remains shrouded in mystery (perhaps it's a golden stethoscope?), the challenge is clear: consider innovative ways to provide a product or service that promotes or improves upon the wellbeing of people in your community.

What's the Focus?

Wellbeing. But not just the "drink green juice and do yoga" kind. We're talking holistic wellbeing - physical, social, emotional, financial. The works. Consider how events in your community have impacted wellbeing, and think of ways to counteract that.

Prizes and Recognition

While the exact prize isn't mentioned, one thing's for sure: the recognition and potential mentorship from the MetLife Foundation is worth its weight in gold. Or at least, in green juice.

How Does It All Work?

The specifics of the challenge schedule aren't laid out, but given the nature of such challenges, expect brainstorming sessions, prototype developments, and perhaps a pitch or two.

Who Can Jump In?

The challenge doesn't specify, but given its youth-centric approach, school and college students are likely the target audience. So, if you're a young mind brimming with ideas, this is your stage.

A Bit About the Organizers

The MetLife Foundation isn't just about insurance. They're committed to driving inclusive economic mobility for underserved communities. Since 1976, they've contributed over $900 million to strengthen communities. Now, they're looking for the next big idea in wellbeing.

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