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Short Challenge Summary

The Michigan Business Challenge is a grand showdown of business acumen and innovation. Hosted by the Zell Lurie Institute, this campus-wide competition sees student teams battling it out for a whopping cash prize pool of over $100,000. And guess what? It's not just about the moolah. It's an opportunity to gain invaluable feedback, expand business networks, and rub virtual elbows with leaders in the business community.

Key Information

  • Duration: The competition starts in November and wraps up in February.
  • Tracks: There are three distinct tracks to compete in: Seigle Impact, Innovation, and Invention.
  • Rounds: From the initial 100+ teams in the first round, the competition narrows down to four teams in each track by the finals.
  • Support: Teams advancing to the second round can look forward to coaching, financial support, and even the chance to participate in intercollegiate business plan competitions.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The Michigan Business Challenge is all about fostering innovation, nurturing entrepreneurial spirits, and driving impactful solutions in the business realm. Whether it's a groundbreaking invention, a novel business model, or a socially impactful venture, this challenge seeks the brightest minds to bring their A-game.

Prizes and Recognition

Now, let's talk green. The prize pool is over $100,000! Track winners can pocket $15,000, and the best in the business can snag an additional $5,000. And from what I've gathered, compared to other student business competitions, this prize amount is pretty darn impressive.

How Does the Challenge Work

The competition has multiple rounds, each with its own set of requirements. From three-minute pitch videos to full-blown business plans and investor presentations, participants will be put through the wringer, testing their business knowledge and presentation skills.

Who is Available to Participate

The challenge is open to all current UM Ann Arbor undergrad and grad students. So, whether you're a freshman with a fresh idea or a grad student with a groundbreaking thesis, this is your stage.

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