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The Streamlit Phenomenon: A Data Science Revolution for Malaysia's Students

In the bustling world of data science, there's a new kid on the block, and it's making waves. Enter Streamlit, the platform that's turning heads and changing the game for budding data scientists across Malaysia.

Brief About the Competition:

The "My Streamlit Hack" is not just any hackathon. It's a clarion call for Malaysia's brightest college students to showcase their prowess in data science. Supported by the heavyweights of the tech world, including GDSC APU, MLSA APU, and the IEEE APU Branch, this competition promises to be a game-changer.

Key Information:

  • Organizers: The event is spearheaded by Streamlit, with a little help from their friends at GDSC APU, MLSA APU, IEEE APU Branch, and the Student Developer Society APU.
  • Prizes: While there's no cash prize to be won, the recognition for the top 5 winners is priceless. After all, in the world of data science, reputation is everything.
  • Eligibility: If you're a college student in Malaysia, this is your time to shine.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic:

Participants are tasked with building a data science solution and hosting it on Streamlit. Whether it's an analytics dashboard, a website harnessing the power of LLM and NLP, or an interactive geospatial display, the sky's the limit.

Prizes and Recognition:

The top 5 winners will bask in the glory of their achievements, with their solutions recognized and celebrated. And while there's no cash prize, the experience and recognition are invaluable.

How Does the Challenge Work:

While the exact schedule remains a mystery, participants have until Oct 6, 2023, to submit their masterpieces. And with resources like the introduction to Streamlit videos and the official Streamlit developer documentation at their disposal, they're well-equipped for success.

Who is Available to Participate:

The competition is open to college students in Malaysia. So, if you're of legal age and have a passion for data science, this is the challenge for you.

Introduction of the Organizing Company:

Streamlit is revolutionizing the way data scientists work, making it easier than ever to turn data scripts into shareable web apps. With the support of organizations like GDSC APU and MLSA APU, they're on a mission to discover and nurture the next generation of data science talent in Malaysia.

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