NAMA Student Marketing Competition

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National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA)



Marketing Competition by NAMA is an initiative to encourage student chapters to assemble effective marketing campaigns. These campaigns are judged by a panel of agri-marketing professionals. The competition emphasizes the marketing of agricultural products or services with a clear objective of improving producer income or productivity. The competition also stresses the importance of value-added differentiation and the displacement of major competitors to gain market share.

The competition guidelines are stringent, ensuring that the product or service being marketed is unique and has potential yet to be tapped. The marketing plan should be designed within specific parameters, including a 12-month marketing span and a three-year financial evaluation. The competition also emphasizes the importance of setting realistic market situations and objectives, and the need to measure pre-existing conditions and monitor results.

The competition ensures that the academic integrity of the projects is maintained, with a strong emphasis on proper citation and referencing. Any falsification of information can lead to disqualification.

Fair to say they are pretty mysterious about the prize, hopefully it will be a pleasant surprise once you win!

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