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Competition Format—Virtual Learning and Team Projects with Face-to-Face Semi-finals

NASBITE International is excited to announce a modified format for our 2024 competition. All teams will prepare a recorded presentation of their proposals and submit those recordings along with an executive summary document to the judges by Monday, March 6, at 11:59 p.m. From these submissions, we will name semi-finalists who will present their proposals to the company and judges in person or virtually April 10, 2024, as part of NASBITE International’s Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. NASBITE International will host a networking event with the sponsors, advisors and teams that evening. Finalists will present to the company, judges, and attendees on April 11, 2024. The winning teams will be announced that evening as part of the closing conference celebration.

The competition will have two tracks, one for teams consisting only of undergraduates and a separate one for teams made up of graduate students or combined graduates and undergraduates. A winner will be announced for each track. Teams must be made up solely of three to four undergraduates for the undergraduate competition and of three to four graduate students for the graduate competition. At the discretion of the advisor, an undergraduate student can be included on a graduate team, but the team size is still limited to four students. A school may submit both an undergraduate team and a graduate team proposal, but each team must be separately registered to compete.

The recording of the team’s proposed solution should be no more than 30 minutes. A written executive summary (5 pages maximum) should be submitted along with the recording. Team virtual presentations will be scored based on a rubric by a panel of judges representing the sponsoring company and NASBITE membership. The rubric will be furnished to registered teams with the written case. The top scoring teams will be invited as semi-finalists to present their proposal live to the company and judges, either in person or virtually, at the NASBITE 2024 annual conference. From those semi-finalists, finalists will be selected. After another round of presentations, winners will be announced at the closing reception.

Semi-finalists teams will receive input about their presentation from the judges in the preliminary round and can make changes before the final presentation. Teams that do not move onto the final round will have the opportunity to learn strengths and weaknesses of their proposal compared to others if they would like constructive feedback. All are encouraged to attend the conference and to be part of networking events we will host there specifically for the case competition students. Travel expenses are the responsibility of the team. There will be a reduced student conference registration rate for case competition participants.

The team registration fee for the 2024 student case competition is $400. A school can have only one undergraduate team and one graduate team (if applicable). The advisor and school must register to receive the case and the other resources provided, but the names of the students do not have to be submitted until the presentation is submitted in case the team membership changes or if multiple teams compete internally for the slot to be the school presentation. Advisors need to indicate on the registration form whether the team is graduate or undergraduate. Teams must have a minimum of three and a maximum of four members. In exceptional circumstances where a team member has had to drop out between the preliminary round and the semi-final round, NASBITE International may allow a substitution or a presentation from only two members at its discretion.

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