Odyssey of the Mind (OM™)


Odyssey of the Mind


Odyssey of the Mind: A Journey of Creativity and Problem-Solving

Odyssey of the Mind (OM) is an international educational program that encourages students to harness their innate creativity to tackle and solve unique, open-ended problems. By participating in OM, students not only learn the art of problem-solving but also gain self-confidence, a trait that will benefit them in all facets of life. The program is not just about finding solutions; it's about the journey of discovery, teamwork, time management, budgeting, and public speaking. The 2023-24 long-term problems are now available for current members, marking the beginning of a new Odyssey. Additionally, the program has initiatives like Odyssey Angels, where teams use their problem-solving skills to assist communities globally. There's also a segment dedicated to Odyssey alumni, showcasing their journeys and achievements post-OM.

Thought-Provoking Insights:

  1. Empowering the Next Generation: Odyssey of the Mind goes beyond traditional learning. It equips students with essential life skills, from budgeting to public speaking. How can other educational programs incorporate such holistic learning?
  2. The Global Impact of Odyssey Angels: Teams from around the world are making a difference in their communities through the Odyssey Angels initiative. What other platforms can be created to encourage young minds to contribute positively to society?
  3. The Legacy of Odyssey Alumni: With an alumnus in every crowd, the impact of Odyssey of the Mind is evident. How can alumni networks be leveraged to create more opportunities for current participants?

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