Pappajohn Iowa Entrepreneurial Venture Competition

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John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers and the Iowa Economic Development Authority


Ah, the sweet scent of innovation is wafting through the Iowan air, and it’s coming from the Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Venture Competition. A battleground (the friendly kind) where your groundbreaking business idea could snag you a piece of the hefty $100,000 prize pool.

Key Information at a Glance:

  • Deadline: Various (with the application opening on March 15 and several subsequent deadlines)
  • Application: Apply here

The Nitty-Gritty of the Competition:

The competition, co-hosted by the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Centers and the Iowa Economic Development Authority, is all about fostering and spotlighting entrepreneurial activity in Iowa. It’s not just about the moolah (though that’s a sweet part); it’s about creating awareness of the resources available to Iowan entrepreneurs and providing a platform to showcase innovative ventures.

Who’s It For?

If you’ve got a business that’s been operating for under four years or isn’t yet cash flow positive, and your main operations are based in Iowa, you’re in the running. The competition is open to various sectors, including technology, biotechnology, green technologies, and more, with a few exceptions (sorry, retail and real estate ventures).

The Timeline:

  • March 15: Application opens
  • May 15: Deadline for initial applications
  • June 2: Notification for advancement to the semi-final round
  • July 17: Deadline for semi-final round submissions
  • August 11: Notification for finalists
  • August 25: Final round and winner announcement

Judging Criteria:

Your venture will be scrutinized based on several factors, including the problem it solves, the solution offered, value proposition, customer segments, financial potential, current status, and the management team’s capability. A panel of judges, including representatives from various entrepreneurial and business entities, will determine the fate of your submission.

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