Pirates Pitch Competition for High School Students

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The Pirates Pitch Competition: Not Your Average School Project

Ahoy, young entrepreneurs! Ever dreamt of sailing the high seas of business? Well, drop that eye patch and parrot, because Seton Hall University is offering you a chance to showcase your entrepreneurial genius without the risk of scurvy.

Brief About the Competition

The Pirates Pitch Competition isn't just another school project. It's a platform for high school students to put their business acumen to the test. Think of it as the "Shark Tank" for the younger crowd, minus the intimidating millionaires.

Key Information

  • Organizer: Seton Hall University. And no, they're not actual pirates.
  • Who Can Participate: High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a GPA shining at 3.0 or above.
  • Deadline: Mark your calendars for Oct 27. And don't even think about sneaking in an application at midnight. The cut-off is 11:59 pm ET.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The challenge? Present an original business idea in 350 words or less. Whether it's an innovative product, a groundbreaking service, or a business you've already launched, the stage is yours. Just remember to answer the basics: What's the problem you're solving? How will you make money? Who are your customers? And most importantly, how will you outshine the competition?

Prizes and Recognition

Now, for the part you've been waiting for: the loot! The first-place winner will walk away with a cool $2,500 in cash and a $10,000 scholarship to Seton Hall University. But don't fret if you don't clinch the top spot. There are prizes for second place and other finalists too. And for those who can woo the audience, there's a $300 prize up for grabs.

How Does the Challenge Work?

Ten finalists will be chosen to present their ideas to a panel of judges at Seton Hall University on Nov 17. And if the idea of presenting in front of successful alumni entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and business faculty makes your knees wobble, just remember: they were once in your shoes.

Who is Available to Participate

High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. So, if you've been acing those tests and assignments, this is your time to shine!

Introduction of the Organizing Company

Seton Hall University isn't just about textbooks and lectures. They're dedicated to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, they're the perfect hosts for a competition of this caliber.

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