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Sustainable Future Through Code

PoweringSTEMHacks2 is not your everyday hackathon. It's a virtual playground where young minds (15+ from almost all countries) dive deep into the world of coding to solve real-world problems, with a special spotlight on sustainability. Whether you're a high school whiz kid or a collegiate coder, this is your stage to shine, innovate, and potentially snag a piece of the $49,500 prize pool!

🎯 Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic

The core mission of PoweringSTEMHacks2 is to forge a bridge towards a more inclusive future by empowering the world's brightest thinkers. The theme? Sustainability. But hey, non-theme hacks are welcome too, as long as they tackle a real-world problem using technology.

πŸ’° Prizes and Recognition

  • Best Overall Hack: $200 gift card
  • Best Theme Hack: $50 gift card
  • Most Creative Hack: $25 gift card
  • All Participants: Various subscriptions and access to startup building tools

πŸ—“οΈ How Does the Challenge Work

Participants are expected to submit a 2-minute video explaining their concept, a link to their code in a GitHub repository, and adhere to all guidelines to be in the running for the cash prizes.

πŸ‘₯ Who is Available to Participate

If you're 15 or older and from almost any country around the globe, you're in! The hackathon is all-inclusive and invites high school and collegiate coders of all backgrounds to participate.

🏒 Short Introduction of the Organizing Company

PoweringSTEM is a non-profit that's all about advocating for increased youth participation in STEM and battling disparities in technology and healthcare. Through code and community, they aim to create an environment where the world’s brightest thinkers can empower and be empowered, building a bridge to a more inclusive future.

πŸ”₯ Ready to code for a cause and make a sustainable impact? PoweringSTEMHacks2 is your stage to innovate, create, and potentially walk away with not just prizes, but a future-changing solution under your belt! πŸš€

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