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Short Challenge Summary:

It's not just another coding challenge. It's about shaping the future of AI. And guess what? You can earn up to a whopping 25 bucks an hour (location-dependent, of course).

Key Information:

The challenge is all about training generative AI models to write better code. And it's remote! So, whether you're chilling in your PJs or sipping a latte at your favorite cafe, you can participate.

Challenge Focus, Goal, and Topic:

Help AI models become better code writers. If you've got skills in Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, C/C++/C#, or HTML, you're golden. Bonus points if you know Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, .NET, MATLAB, PHP, HTML, Dart, R, and Shell.

Prizes and Recognition:

Earn up to the equivalent of 25 USD/hr. But remember, it's location-dependent.

How Does the Challenge Work:

Once you ace the HackerEarth hackathon, you'll get an email with all the deets to kickstart your journey with Remotasks.

Who Can Participate:

Got a Bachelor's or Master's in Computer Science? You're in! Even if you're still studying. Or maybe you're a pro in software development? Jump right in!

About the Organizing Company:

Remotasks is where real people help build real AI. They've got a plethora of tasks ranging from 2D and 3D image annotation to categorization. All this to help companies craft tech marvels like new gadgets and self-driving cars. Mind-blown, right? Check them out on their website or LinkedIn.

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