Schindler´s Ark Saving Competition

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A Historical Canvas Awaits Your Imagination

Picture this: a 19th-century textile factory that once thrived under the Lowbeer family. But this isn't just any old factory. This very building served as the residence of Oskar Schindler during World War II. If that name rings a bell, it's because Schindler is credited with the rescue of 1,200 Jews from the clutches of the Holocaust. Now, that's a story worth telling.

Join the Legacy

The Lowbeer and Schindler families, in collaboration with the Ark's Foundation, are on a mission. Their goal? To restore this historical site and design a dignified memorial for the survivors. But they're not stopping there. The vision includes a Museum of Survivors, preserving the legacy of Oskar Schindler's camp, and shaping the northern area with a business hub and educational spaces. And if that wasn't ambitious enough, they're also aiming to design a sustainable living center and senior housing in the southern area. Talk about a grand plan!

Tick-Tock, The Clock is Ticking

If you're itching to be a part of this monumental project, here's what you need to know:

  • September 25, 2023: Mark this date. That's when you can start signing up.
  • July 14, 2024: All good things come to an end. This is the last day for registration.
  • July 15-24, 2024: The semifinals voting period.
  • August 1, 2024: The big reveal! Finalists will be announced.
  • August 1-14, 2024: The finals voting period.
  • Autumn 2024: The moment we've all been waiting for - the announcement of the winners!

What's the Challenge?

The competition revolves around several key areas:

  1. Museum of Survivors: This involves the design of the Schindler's Ark Survivors Museum. It's not just about the exterior; the interior design of expositions is also in play.
  2. Sustainable Living Village: Think urbanism of the former textile factory and conceptual design of the future site connections.
  3. Design of Individual Buildings: This includes the Schindler's Ark building, the German garrison building, Oskar Schindler's office building, the area of the former camp, the former factory hall (spinning mill), and the storage hall and administrative building.

Why Should You Care?

Apart from the obvious historical significance, participating in this competition is a golden ticket to making a mark in the world of architecture and design. Plus, the results and participation count towards the Inspireli World Architecture University ranking. So, not only do you get to be a part of history, but you also get to boost your academic credentials. Win-win!

In Conclusion

The Schindler's Ark Saving Competition isn't just another design challenge. It's a call to action for architects and designers worldwide to contribute to preserving a significant chapter of history. So, if you've got the skills, creativity, and passion for making a difference, this is your stage. Seize it!

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