SDG 15 Life on Land Challenge

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The SDG 15 Life on Land Challenge - A Call to Protect Earth's Biodiversity

In a world where climate change is no longer a distant threat but a present reality, the SDG 15 Life on Land Challenge emerges as a beacon of hope. Organized by BMO, this challenge is a clarion call to innovators, thinkers, and eco-warriors to design solutions that restore, conserve, and protect wildlife ecosystems from the devastating impacts of climate change.

The Essence of SDG 15

SDG 15, or Sustainable Development Goal 15, revolves around preserving Earth's biodiversity, land, and the myriad life forms that depend on it. Terrestrial ecosystems, or simply put, environments on land, serve multiple crucial roles. From offering habitats to purifying our water, guarding against natural disasters, and even regulating the climate - the importance of these ecosystems cannot be overstated.

The Stark Reality

The UN paints a grim picture. Approximately 40,000 species are on the brink of extinction in the coming decades. Every year, an area equivalent to Iceland, about 10 million hectares of forest, is obliterated. Over half of the key biodiversity areas remain unprotected. The challenge? To come up with groundbreaking ideas that shield Earth's biodiversity from the adversities of climate change.

Changemakers Leading the Way

Several changemakers are already making strides in this direction. The Ida's Valley Community in South Africa is rejuvenating indigenous vegetation and promoting outdoor recreation. Trees for Cities is transforming urban landscapes by planting native trees. Elsa, a software, is analyzing movement patterns to protect elephants from poaching. Forested Foods in Ethiopia collaborates with small farmers and forest communities, while Seriousshea in Burkina Faso is revolutionizing shea butter production.

BMO's Commitment

BMO, the challenge organizer, is no stranger to community upliftment. In 2022 alone, they donated over $69 million to charities and nonprofits across North America. Their focus? Strengthening neighborhoods, building a sustainable future, removing access barriers, and fostering inclusivity. Their colleagues dedicated almost 50,000 hours to volunteering, and through their annual employee giving program, they contributed over $26 million in donations.


The SDG 15 Life on Land Challenge is more than just a competition. It's a movement, a collective effort to safeguard our planet's biodiversity. As John Finley, Head of Enterprise Customer Experience at BMO, aptly puts it, they aim to "put a ding in the universe." So, if you're passionate about making a difference, this challenge awaits your innovative solutions.

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