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Where Mental Health Meets Design Genius

Hey there, future design moguls! Ever thought about how a room's design can make you feel? No, we're not talking about that tacky wallpaper in your grandma's bathroom. We're diving deep into the world of interior design with a twist - mental health.

Short Challenge Summary

The IDEC Student Design Competition 2024 is all about addressing the elephant in the room - the mental health crisis among college students. And guess what? They're looking for innovative minds (yes, that's you!) to design spaces that offer restoration and respite. Think of it as creating a sanctuary for stressed-out students.

Key Information

  • Focus: Mental health and wellness.
  • Goal: Design a place of restoration for college students.
  • Topic: Interior design that promotes mental well-being.

The world's a crazy place, and college students are feeling the heat. From global pandemics to financial woes, the stress is real. This competition is all about finding design solutions that offer a breather. Whether it's an existing venue on campus or a pop-up installation, your design should scream "relaxation" and "well-being".

Prizes and Recognition

Alright, let's talk moolah. With a first-place prize of $500, you're not just getting bragging rights. And while it might not make you a millionaire, it's on par with other design competitions out there. So, sharpen those pencils and get designing!

  • First Place: $500
  • Second Place: $250
  • Honorable Mention: $100

How Does the Challenge Work?

Timeline: Kick-off in June 2023, submissions till February 2024, and the big reveal in March 2024 at the IDEC annual conference.

Judging: It's not just about pretty pictures. Your design will be judged on creativity, effectiveness, user specificity, and presentation.

Who Can Participate?

Calling all college students! Whether you're a solo design warrior or love collaborating in a team, this challenge is open for you. Just make sure you've got a faculty member supervising.

A Little About IDEC

The Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) is the big kahuna of interior design education. Founded in 1962, they've been at the forefront of promoting excellence in design education. They're not just about teaching; they're about making a difference in the world of design.

So, there you have it! A golden opportunity to showcase your design prowess and make a real impact. Ready to change the world, one room at a time?

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