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Perdue School of Business, Salisbury University

Open to all SU students

The Hustle of Business Ideas

Ever had a business idea that you thought could be the next big thing? Well, if you're a student at Salisbury University, you're in luck. The Perdue School of Business hosts an annual Entrepreneurship Competition that's been turning student dreams into reality for over three decades.

The Legacy of the Bernstein Competition

Back in 2013, the Bernstein competition underwent a massive transformation. What started as a modest contest with a single $5,000 prize evolved into a multi-round showdown. Today, the Student Entrepreneurship Competitions boasts 40 community sponsors and judges, doling out a whopping $100,000 in cash, prizes, and services to over 15 student business winners.

The Nitty-Gritty of the Competition

The competition is split into three main events, all taking place on one adrenaline-pumping day each spring. Students from all majors, not just those from the Perdue Business School, can participate. The goal? To win prize money and business start-up awards to fund that dream venture. Whether you're pitching a groundbreaking product or a unique service, the sky's the limit.

The 2023 Edition: What's in Store?

For the 2023 edition, participants need to mark two crucial dates on their calendars: April 3, 2023, for registration closure, and May 4, 2023, for the competition day. The application process is pretty straightforward, requiring a profile, a detailed business plan, financial documents (optional), and a poster upload.

Why Participate?

Apart from the obvious financial incentives, the competition offers students a platform to showcase their innovative ideas, receive mentorship from industry experts, and network with potential investors. It's not just about the money; it's about the experience, the exposure, and the opportunity to make a mark in the business world.

In Conclusion

The Salisbury University's Entrepreneurship Competitions is more than just a contest; it's a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs. So, if you've got a business idea that you believe in, this competition might just be the stepping stone you need.

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