YouTube Competition: Become a Vlogger Today!

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The YouTube Vlogging Scene Just Got Real!

Ever thought your career journey had the makings of a blockbuster? Or that your student life escapades could rival any reality TV show? Well, here's your shot at the big leagues. Give A Grad A Go is rolling out the red carpet for all you budding vloggers out there with their latest competition: "Become a Vlogger Today!"

The Deets (Because Who Says "Details" Anymore?)

Alright, Gen Z, here's the lowdown. This isn't just any competition. It's your chance to shine, to share, and to score some sweet Amazon cash.

  • What's the Prize? A cool £30 Amazon Voucher. That's a lot of instant noodles or, you know, books... if you're into that sort of thing.
  • Who's It For? Whether you're a fresh grad navigating the treacherous waters of adulting or a student plotting world domination from your dorm room, this one's for you.
  • The Mission? Simple. Share your graduate career path or spill the beans on your student career aspirations.

Why Bother?

Apart from the obvious Amazon riches, there's more in it for you. Your video will be showcased on a YouTube channel that's seen by thousands. We're talking about a platform where some uploads have racked up to 50k views. Plus, with a link to your LinkedIn profile included, think of the networking opportunities! And once your video's up, you'll get a digital certificate and a LinkedIn badge to flaunt. Not to mention, insights into how YouTube metrics work and tips to kickstart your own channel.

The Nitty-Gritty

So, how do you get in on this? Fill up a signup form, subscribe to their YouTube channel, and go through some prompt questions and filming guidelines. And if you're wondering what kind of video to whip up, they've got you covered with a list of prompt questions to guide you.

A Little About Give A Grad A Go

These folks aren't newbies. They've been around, helping graduates like you land their dream jobs. They understand the struggles, the uncertainties, and the aspirations. And now, they're offering a platform for you to share your journey, inspire others, and get a little something for yourself in the process.

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